Tuesday, May 11, 2010

International Nurses Day-Ward 13

With Abeer and Rola from Saudi
Rola give this to me..Tq dear..:)

The Appetizer..Yummy

Yesterday i celebrate the advance International Nurses Day in my ward
Ward 13-Hepatobiliary..
All the nurses and doctors were really supporting our event..
Tq guys..U rocx..:)
But sorry i didn't snap many pics..
As i didn't have the camera..
Juz using my Sony Hp camera..
The foods is from one of Thailand Restaurant here..
Enjoy the pictures kay..(",)
Rain,Evelyn and Joy ( The Nice Philippines Gurl)

With Joy
Well yesterday dpt sick leave at 4 pm..
Feverish + Asthma attack..
Mkn anggur tk ingt dunia kan..Huhuhu..
Luckily i off 2 days..


✿ y.a.n.i.e budak G.E.B.U ✿ said...

happy nurses day wai....

jaga diri kat sana....


Kniedaz said...

happy nurse day !
makan ubat
jangan culas

neverletmego said...

happy nurses day syg

Wahidah said...

yanie : tenkiu2...tk care too

Kniedaz : tq akk..ala culas sket2 je..hehehe

Wahidah said...

nadia : tq syg..to u too