Saturday, May 15, 2010

Conjoined Twins

Salam guys..

My hosp is well known to the world becoz of our successful separating the conjoined twins..
N one of the twins is from Malaysia Ahmad and Mohamad..
The King is generous enough to support all the cost of the operation..
I think now they already growth..Might be 8 or 9 years..

So here some of the pics..
Actually i didn't manage to get kathir ( many ) pics as taken pics not allwed in Saudi..:)
I already submit my TRA..So hope my 1st vacation will confirmed..
Can't wait to go back to my hometown..I mish everthing there esp 'U'..:P

I plan to do some biz in Malaysia..
But before that i will try to do biz online first..
Anyone interest with Abaya ( Jubah ),Perfume, Nice Wedding Comforter and anything from Arab juz let me know kay..:)
Have a nice wiken everyone..


neverletmego said...

hehe..abaya please .ko tahu aku minat gile kan?shawl ?n victoria secret please..
BTW ..wai ada jumpe doll tak?
fulla ?nak beli kat rania yang pakai tudung tu ..

Wahidah said...

Neverletmego : insyaAllah syg..nanti aku tlg tgkkan dan lagi nak jalan2 kalo aku jumpa aku bgtahu k..but detials plz..mcm mn yg ko nak..:)