Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Labour Day

Gerleen,1 of my inspiration now..She's young but talented
Sorry,girly..i put this pix..Cute what..HUHUHU..Weird face..:P

Salam sumer..
Happy labour day to all workers..:)
Hope today is better than yesterday..

Ckp pesal keje ne almost 4 years rsnya i dh keje..
Mcm2 dh i hadapi..

Tukar keje silih berganti..
Rsnya almost 6 hospital or medical centre dh i keje..
Wow,quiet a lot..
My mums alwiz said..
U alwiz keep on changing ur jobs..
Nanti ilang seniority..

But to me i dont care bout the seniority.
I care bout the experience that i gain..
Tp of course la dlm CV nanti ade sedikit question mark utk interviewer di situ..

But now i keep on asking myself..
WHat i want in my life?
Is this career make me happy?
N the answer is definitely not..
Becoz i'm not happy with what i do now..

Never happen in my life..
I hate my job now'
N to me it really unfair to me and my patient..
Coz i'm not that sincere and motivate enough to work..

Maybe its time for me to move..
Move on..
BUT kepentingan diri n kepentingan family..
Which One is my PRIORITY now?
Easy to say butt its difficult to decide..

I know i want to further study..
I dreams to have at least degree in my life..
What type of degree?
-Emergency Medicine
-Early CHildhood Education
-Nursing??? Hurm

This 3 field that i love most..
I really hope God is with me..
I have to decide..
Sumthing that such as amount of money can't but happiness,
can't buy healthiness and the most important things money can't buy my PRIDE and DIGNITY..

Ya Allah permudahkan la segala urusanku
LIndungila hambamu ini..

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