Friday, December 13, 2013

Jobs Hunter

Salam ukhwah guyss...
Hai everyone..

Well i'm officially jobless..
But not really la sbb la ni dh jd ala2 " Misiku Wai"
as a part time home nurse..

Well sumthing yg sgt2 la different..
Kat ER 12 jam too many patients that i met...
But as home nurse only one patient for 8 hours..
Kalo patient fussy gile masak la jwbnya..

Oh ya la ni resume sentiasa di update..
Email kena selalu check...
Terasa mcm newly grad pulak..
So far ade 2 3 interview yg dh attend..
Hopefully adelah rezeki nanti..

Ke kalo xde nk jd expatriate blk??
Oh no no no no..
Takmo pk mcm tu kay...

Well for the timing tak la..
But later on x taula kan..
Waallahu 'alam..

My New OOtd..I love skirt so much..:))

p/s : Tuan tanah rindu winter kt Riyadh....Tapi lg pening bile pk pesal brg2 yg masih tinggal dkt Riyadh..Aish..

Rabbi yassir walatuassir
Rabbi tammom bilkhair


Monday, November 11, 2013

Mati Itu Pasti

Salam guys..

Lama kan sya x update blog...
Byk benda nk share cuma sya xtau nk mula dr mana..
N sya sgt2 lah bz..

Too many things happen dlm 2 bulan ni..
Serious guys kalo lah sya x kuat mungkin korang leh lawat sya kt tg rambutan kot skrng ni..

Nauzubillahi min zalik la kan..

But sya pegang satu je..
Allah takkn pernah uji sya lebih dr kemampuan sya...

So sya bersyukur sgt dgn dugaan2 yg Allah bg ni..
Hopefully sya akan lebih tenang n rasional dlm membuat segala keputusan..

Rabbi yassir walatuassir

Rabbi atma bilkhair


Hasbunallahu wanikmal wakil

Dlm tempoh 2 thn sya kehilangan atok..kehilangan tok aki..kehilangan 2 org sepupu and kehilangan adik yg plg sya sayangi..n br2 ni sya kehilangan makcik n abg dua pupu...Alfatihah buat semua mereka..Moga mereka tenang di sana...

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Salam ukhwah guys..
Lately ni sya kerap update status di FB..
Ade pros ade pros and kontras nya..
BUT actually fb pun medan dakwah yg hebat..
And fb jugak bole jd penyumbang dosa yg terbyk..
So renung2kan lah dan selamat beramal..
MODE : Mentallycand physically ready utk meredah jammed..yeah terbaiklah ..sape suh beli keta manual dl..hahaha..

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Halal Cosmoderm

Salam Ukhwah..

Happy wikens guys...
Just a quick update..
Tq to Uyun Ahmad..
Because of her I know the miracle of COSMODERM..

At first i thought the product not suitable for me..
As at first all the acne pop out..
But luckily alhamdulillah now its gone..

The best things bout Cosmoderm is its HALAL product..
Kalau nak try sila terjah ke

Selamat mencuba guys...


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Private Hospital or Government Hospital???


Hi guys..
Pergh byk gile sarang kot..
Agak ssh kot nak mula berblogging blk setelah jd silent blogger...

Okayla make it short la..
Recently since blk vacation dr be4 Eid till now..
Sya byk spent time dkt hosp..

First ayah sya admitted..
Due to BPH -benign prostatic hyperthrophy..
Yg menyebabkn ayah sya tk bole urinate mcm bese..
So almost 3 week gk la ayah kena on CBD ( tiub kencing )

Nk jadikan cerita..
Ayah admit wat kali ke2 and kena buat cystoscopy..
The day after the procedure done..
Ibu sya complaint of chest pain..
Sharp pain and radiate to the left back..
Pakej ngan numbness sekali..

Pendekkan cite.
Ibu sya pun admitted gk..
Part ibu sya admit ni la sya nak story pjg sket..

Well my mom tk de past medical history..
Ayah i pun..
Alhamdulillah both of them healthy..

Okay yg sya nk share kat sini..
Bile ibu sya admitted sbb chest pain..
Management  and treatment yg diberi kurang memuaskn..

Well as an ER Nurse..
Byk kot kes chest pain dh sy handle..
Serial EKG/CKMB and Trop T tu sumer standard kot memana hosp mesti buat..
But the funny thing is..
Since my mom admitted hanya satu EKG je yg dibuat..
Bygkan la my mom admitted about 5-6 day kot..
N almost every day kot complaint of chest pain..

Mula2 cardiologist ingt just muscle pain...
Bg painkiller pun xjln..
ECHO looks fine..
EKG tk nmpak changes sgt..
But the chest pain still there..
So dr suggest but angiogram..
Mula2 sya a lil bit reluctant gk..
But luckily la buat angiogram..

So finding die mmg ade block kt left coronary artery and stenting was done..
Sya lupa pulak brp percent blockage tu...
After angiogram my mom stay kt CCU for observation.

N the story begin..
I noticed that my mum's face become oedema ( bengkak ) and both of my mother's hand pun bengkak..
As a daughter of course la i'm worried..
Ade gk la tnya nurse kt CCU tu  what happen kn..

Then the next day ibu sya dh bole transfer ke wad..
I noticed that my mom tak urinate well..
Sbb masa kt CCU on diapers..
N my mom xbese guna diapers..

N bile sya tanya ibu brp botol drip ibu dpt dkt CCU
Ibu ckp total about 7 botol termasuk pre angio drip..
I was like..cardiac pt with too many drip?

So satu je i rs my mom fluid overload kot..
Tu yg bengkak muka n tgn sumer..
So i encourage my mom to go to toilet.
Alhamdulillah after couple of time urinate 
My mom back to more oedema ( bengkak )

Then the next day sya tgk the cardiologist dh on kan all the cardiac meds and lipitor 
( ubt kurangkn kolesterol..)

So masa Cardiologist buat round..
Sya juz tnya...
How bout my mom's cholesterol level?
Then Dr tu selak2 file..
N terus jwb tk pe kolesterol tu sya dh cover dgn lipitor..
So i juz  remain silent..

Luckily la that PRIVATE hosp nurses die byk my junior and senior time kolej..
So i just recheck with them..

Hanya ade one set of result CKMB and Trop T..

How dare la diorng berani buat angiogram without any Renal Profile result or etc.
C'mon la..kalo Dr x alert nape nurse wad pun x alert gk..
Xkn x de standard sop or whatever la utk cardiac pt punya series.

N the silly mistake keep on going bile Cath Lab nurses tak check  level Urea and Creat be4 proceed the angiogram..
Contrast kot..agak2la xnak check renal function sumer..
Mmg la ibu sya x de renal problem..
But if anything happen diorng ade ke baseline Renal Profile n etc..

Since that i feel like..
Is this the quality of private hosp in Malaysia?
This is the standard??
Well i'm not blamming others private hospital..
But if this simple basic thing they dont do..
How come people want to trust them..
I didnt feel  its safe to be treated there..

But i manage to speak up about this matter to the Matron..
At first she said how come la they didnt do all that basic test..
Then after i shown her all the prove..
She admit it..
So I really hope they will improve n didnt repeat the some mistake again to other patients

Something to ponder..

-We pay extra money for the quality/good service..
-If not its better to go to government hospital..even long que..insyalllah they will do from the basic things..
-For the private hosp with lack of nurses/staff  they had to rule out this issues so the quality of the treatment will be improving.

Cukupla kot..dh lama x membebel...back to the track..blogging..:)
Nanti sambung part 2 pulak kay..

Ibu with her only grandchild Sofia..

Ayah otw to OT for Cyctoscopy

Salam Ukhwah,