Thursday, February 21, 2013

Birthday cake

Salam guys..
Another bufday story..
Hover kan 2 entry pesal my bufday jer..
X pelah kasi can tuan tanah berkongsi cerita..
Almaklumla thn ni last tuan tanah in 20 series..
Oh no....:-P

Well i had 2 bufday cake..
1 from my bff nisha n sha..
Surprisely they manage to make a plan..
N here u go..
Cake from baskin robbins..

Then i had my 2nd bufday cake.
Its from my Malaaz family..
Tiramisu cake..
Its delicious i tell u...

Tq guys..
Diz year i had the most memorable bufday celebration...
N guess what??
Another 5 day i'll be home..
Hoyeaaahhhh !!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

29th birthday

Alhamdulillah i turn 29th on 11th feb..
My bff asking me where i want to celebrate my birthday..
And here i go...
Masjidil Haram,Mecca..

Syukur ya Allah..
I'm still alive and healthy..
Tq to all of u that wish me with warm greetings...
May Allah bless all of us...

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Red Sand 2013

Holla guyss...
Nothing much to update..
Just to share some pics..

The trip to Red Sand was superb..
The best part is to ride the ATV..
Pergh mmg terbaek lah...

To my chinese friends,
Qong Xi Fa Chai...