Thursday, May 20, 2010

Am i strong enough????

The more i explore it..
The more i felt i'm not good..
The more i felt i dislike it..
BUT i have to deal with it..

Try to be positive,
Try to do the best that i can..
BUT when u do sumthing that u dislike..
U are pushing hard urself..
N ur performance also not highly achieved..

And what next???

Almost a week already we didn't talk to each other..
Its not becoz i'm not missing or forget them..
BUT i have to do that..
Even i know ireally miss them...

Ya Rabbi,
Permudahkanla segalanya ya Illahi..
Sgt2 la tk kuat skrang ne..
Sgt2 la rs down..
N i don't know..
What can make me happy now..

BUT what i knew..
I still keep on smiling..
Smiles even my heart is aching..
Sekurang2 nya dgn senyuman ini harap mampu buatkan
my patients or other people happy..

Sorry this entry mcm caca merba sket..might be due to jiwa kacau sket kot..:(


✿ y.a.n.i.e budak G.E.B.U ✿ said...

jiwa kacau?
pasai apa ni y?

Wahidah said...

yanie : ntahla yanie..mcm2 dlm kepala thats life kan..