Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tag from Kamal

1) What is the most important thing in your life?

2) What is the last thing that you bought with your own money?
Baju Kurung,tshirt and cute dress( Shopping kt alpha angel) huhuhu

3) Where do you wish to get married?
Tepi pantai...hahaha..

4) How old do you think you will be permanently owned by your love?
Hard to say

5) Are you in love?
Nop...Luka lama still ada cure dl..:(

6) Where was the last restaurant you had dinner?
Ayzal kt Kajang

7) Name the latest book that you bought?
Ciri2 Wanita Solehah..:)

8)What is your full name?
Nurwahidah binti Yusop..nak my granny name tak?? huhuhu

9) Do you prefer your mother or father?

10) Name a person that you really wish to meet in real life for the first time.
Prof Dr Aminuddin Baki ( dulu die ni gastroenterologist..dr kecik admire sgt kt die)

11) Christina or Britney? ske2

12) Do you do your own laundry?
sort of..depends laaa

13) The most exciting place you want to go?

14) Hugs or kisses?
Hugs laa..

15) Point out 5 things about the person who tagged you.
1)one of the bloggers
2)Status unknown..hahaha
4)New frenz

16)8 things I am passionate about:
5)MyviXtreme club

17)8 things I say too often:
1)Lu pikir la sendri..
4)Aja2 fighting...
5)Sort of la...
8)Life must go on...

18)4 books I’ve read recently:
4)Emergency Handbook

19)8 songs I could listen to over and over again:
1) Ayat2 Cinta (Rossa)
2) Matahariku (Agnes Monica)
3) Sempurna (Andra)
4) Tapi Bukan Aku (Kerispatih)
5) With You (Chris Brown)
6) My Happy Ending (Avril Lavigne)
7) Rihanna (Unfaithfull)
8) Doa Pagi (Hijjaz)

20)8 things I learned last year:
1) Accept new things and changes
2) Dare to fail
3) Mix with too many foreigners around
4) BEWARE with people around u
5) Don’t simply trust your frenz
6) Don't give 100% to ur lurve
7) Be confident
8) Be honest to yourself & others

8 people to tag
Ilman Aiman
Faisal Admar
Abg Bear
All bloggers that read this post..:P


Faisal Admar said...

alamak... kena tag lagik ke... hehe tag yg sama dengan dayah :)

okeh akan dibuat dalam masa terdekat

Wahidah said...

oh yeker...yelah dayah tu ur sis rite?? tk peduli kena gk buat..lalalala

Wahidah said...

oh yeker...yelah dayah tu ur sis rite?? tk peduli kena gk buat..lalalala

* apa yang dicari? * said...

mana leh tag all bloggers yang baca blog nie? dah jadi lebih 8 la kalo cmtu ;p hehe...

Wahidah said...

bole jer...i yg tag suke i la..hahahaha

Faisal Admar said...

hehe ye... nama sama x perasan ke?
dayah admar dan faisal admar hehe...

ook nanti malam ni nak buat okeh

Wahidah said...

olrite..wat jgn tk buat kay

Mohd Kamal said...

hehe. nanti nak tgk apa la faisal nak merapu-meraban..

Wahidah said...

kiter tgk je kamal..huhuhu

Faisal Admar said...

tq tq hehe dah buat di sini. :)

Wahidah said...

yeker...mari kiter tgk..huhuh