Monday, August 11, 2008

1st day in 4G-Medical Ward

today is my 1st nothing much to say..
still learning and i try to add some interest on the ward..

even it is my 1st day..i had to incharge one patient dat i called Mr A..
he was diagnosed with Rt pleural effusion with GERD.Post CABG done..
alhamdulillah everything goes well during my shift..

n what else happen today?

oh ya..i accompanied my care aid bawa dato' A jalan2 sekitar hosp n nk sgt tgk sinaran matahari..aiya..matahari ptg not that good la dato' tk least tk la sejuk sgt mcm dlm bilik kt wad tu..hehehe..

so i really hope dat i can give a full commitment during my 'SHIFTING' here...but i lurve emergency cases more la..huhuhu

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