Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hard to say Good Bye

hurm..this is the 2nd last day of me to be the nurse in my fav unit emergency room..after this as i mention before,i will be 'LOAN" to medical ward...

why me??

i dunno..
she said its rotating..but why only me..
the best reason is..
they short of they need a staff to help..
n my Head Of Nurse choosen me..
even i'm not interested in medical ward..
even i plan to do my post basic in emergency course or degree in emergency medicine..
but thats life....
i have to take it as a challenge..
seriously i hate to working in ward..
but i knew i can do it..

of course la i will missing the ER team and emergency cases..
uh...and this lately i'm thinking of my dreams..
the dreams that not yet comes true..

i lurve early chilhood education..
i hope dat i can open a new international islamic montessori..maybe in 5-10 years from now....
so should i continue my dream??
should i turn to another path??

and i lurve medical field really much..
but i dislike to be the sister,head of nurse or even director of nursing..
becoz i lurve education n research more...
maybe i should turn to teaching..
that sounds better..
but i dont want to loose my nursing skills..

i'm still thinking...........
and planning.........
and i really hope that i make a wise decision...


syukur said...

hey.. medical ward best jugak la wahidah... still banyak benda yang boleh buat ... dan challenging

Faisal Admar said...

now u make me think of old series... ER haha!

Wahidah said...

syukur : i tau still byk benda bole buat n the mian things is i tk suke keje kt kesah la wad mn2 pun....keje wad nursing care lg byk dr ER la..Er best sbb sumernya payah nk trace result la..isk segala la...i minat keje yg fast2 ni...n jagaan kurang..:P

faisal : ER is one of my fav drama's series.....hehehe

Catz said...

i can say that u are so dedikasi nurse lah..
hem.u'll gain new experience and learn new things wahidah by working at other enjoy u work eh..
take car..

Wahidah said...

tq 4 the support catzz