Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hate to fall in lurve

What i know rite now i hate the feeling of falling in luv..
maybe becoz its not with the rite time,rite place n maybe even a rite guy...
but one thing that i knew..
i got other things more important to settled...

so think bout ur future ur dreams and ur career 1st wahidah..
growth..wake up..

LOve Urslef 1St before U Fall in Luv,
Even u love him but dont give 100 % give space to urself too
Give more to urself 1st than u will know how miracle was the LurVe..

Love is Miracle..
Cinta Dlm Islam...
inspired by
Filem Ayat2 CInta


syukur said...

Yeah...but miracle happens everyday... when it comes, you can't resist..

Wahidah said...

yeah....i agree..tq