Friday, January 20, 2012

Malaysian Harmony..

Flash mob ne kewl giler..:) i like..:)

See how harmony are our Malaysian in this video..
I wish this harmonize will be forever..
Proud to be Malaysian !!
But so many stupid people that make idiot things..
Seriously its effect our Malaysia name to other country eyes..
Opss i' m not a Politician..
STOOOoooooop !!

Sorry for the wrong grammar,vocab,or whatsover..
Kalo ade cikgu2 yg rajin nk btolkn silakan..:p
Lama tk writing in English..:p


si para para said...

good try.. i give u A++ hehe

Wahidah said...

Si Para2 : wah baiknya hati cikgu..siap dpt A++..bintang tk nak bg sekali ke cikgu..:P