Sunday, April 18, 2010

Medical and Protocol???

Well started tomorrow morning i will transfer to Medical and Protocol unit/ward,,
Alhamdulillah sbb masih di berikan rezeki utk still bekerja di NGHA,KAMC ne..

I love emergency medicine really much..
Aim to get Degree in this course..
Yelah kita hanya mampu merancangkan..
Tp setiap benda akan bermula dgn titik permulaan..
So setelah bertahun2 tinggalkan dunia wad..
I dh agak lupa dgn nursing care patient di wad..
Sponging??? Bed making??Ward round and so on..

BUT i will take it as a challenge..
I choose to be HERE
I choose to STAY..
So i have to DEAL with all the obstacles..
InsyaALLAH,i will try my best..

Right now so many rumours that i heard..
Yeah i knew it hurts me much..
BUT i knew Allah is there..
Let people talk..
N i hope i still have the patience..

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