Friday, April 23, 2010


Salam sumer..
I'm back..:)

Yesterday i'm off..
So i spent my time by playing table tennis..
N i met cute and adorable lil gurl that called Girly..
She's only 13 years old..
We really spent time together yesterday..
Enjoying chit chating n the games..
N the best part is we are so lucky enough coz there is a coach..
Yeah he coaching us welly...
But of course we are the victim of the coach's smashes and hits..

Girly really make my day happier yesterday..
Even she is only 13th..
N i'm looking fwd to spent time with her again..
I will update our picx together later..

No time to snap pics..
N yesterday gk ade sand storm..
N 1st time in my life i berhadapan dgn sand storm..
Before this lepak umah je..
Mmg keajaibanNya la..

Kay,happy weekend sumer..
Stay focus kay..:)


@xiM said...

ada sand storm??hati hati wai..

best main Tennis.lama dah tak main since zaman matrikulasi dulu..

happy fruday!!senyum sokmo!

Wahidah said...

Axim : tu la skrang ne mmg ngah sand storm...enjoy ur holiday kay axim..:)