Sunday, May 11, 2008

i luv my mom..

today is mother's day..but to me everyday is mother's words can describe my love to my mum..since i was born till now she is there when i need her..i luv her very much..n i attached here the poem that i read during school at 'perhimpunan pagi' in year 2001..n this poem also win 2nd place in Public Speaking Competiton in my former college..i'm not sure either i can memorise it all..but i try my i wish my mom will hear me recite this poem to her..

U know i luv u,
U're my friend when i'm inneed..

Ur faith,
Give me the courage
To cross the deepest ocean
To climb the higher mountain

So hear me mama,
From the bottom of my heart
I luv u,
I care for you,
And that's eternity

For mama who always there,
U're the music of my life,
U'll always be in my heart
Foreva n eva after..

Happy mothers day ibu..
I luv u so much...

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