Saturday, April 2, 2011

Orientee In Charge

Salam guys...
Alhamdulillah sya manage utk finishkan my orientee in charge days..
I kinda dislikes it..
To be the in charge for the hectic department is like .....

U have to..
Luckily everything goes smoothly..
Syukran ya Illahi..

Until now i still didn't make a decision yet..
BUT definitely i will resign..
That's it..
One year is enough in this NGHA..

InsyaAllah i planned to go to Madinah Munawwarah next week..
A lil bit excited as I've never been to Madinah before..
Even i already one year in Saudi
Kinda weird but its true..:)

I ask so many people about the degree..
N the conclusion even if i want to further study..
I won't do it full time..
Still planning to prepare myself to take the exam..
Quiet tough...:(
At least u have to get band 7 for that exam..

Duhai hati hilangkan lah rasa rindu itu..kerana rindu itu kdgkala akan 'memakan' diri..Miss them like crazy..Penangan rindu kali ne bole watkan sya jatuh 'sakit'..:(

Salam ukhwah,


Peri PiA said...

InsyAllah,keep on doa :)

b strong :)

si para para said...

semoga yang terbaik sentiasa bersamamu..

rindu itu hayatilah.