Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Cry and let it all out.
Know you aren't alone.
While maybe I'm not feeling it at this moment,
I, too, at times feel lonely.
Some days I can take it.
Others I can not.
I question my existence.
I question "the master plan."
I feel I will be alone forever.
I'm envious of those that have it all
And wonder do they know and cherish what they have.
I have fears of love, too.
I fear that once I have it, I may not be able to hold it.
I fear I won't appreciate it.
I try to stay optimistic about life.
And for the most part I am.
Yet, I still have to question the emotion of love.
Is it an illusion?
Is it true?
Why does my heart ache?
Then I stop and think and realize I'm not alone.
There are others out there that feel the same.
The world is big.
Maybe one day I won't be alone.
Honestly, to God, I hope.
However, I'm sure another person is feeling my emotions.
I just want to tell them they aren't alone.
Keep hope and thankfully the "master plan" will reward you.
I know I do.

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