Tuesday, July 25, 2017

2nd Admission in a month

Salam & good evening guys.

Just a quick update. Currently, I admitted at Tropicana Medical Centre due to AEBA ( Asthma )
Alhamdulillah the physician here is way better and I really satisfied with their management. The nursing care also in a top level

I was admitted at Gleneagles Ampang for 7 days and they refer me to 6 consultant and none of them detect that I have a lung infection that also might be due to an allergic reaction that I got from Contrast. ( I did Ct Abdomen with contrast )

And guess what they charged my Insurance Company for 21k. Fuhhh tarik nafas panjang la kan...

I just did my Bronchoscopy and OGDS today. Alhamdulillah the result is not bad. Nothing that can threaten my life.

InsyaAllah within 1 - 2 days I will discharge. I had so many plans, hopefully, Allah will ease all my plan.

Till then, Assalamulaikum


Miss Wai aka Wahidah

Thursday, July 20, 2017

1st entry for 2017

😉😉😉😉😉😉20 July 2017

After So Long - First Entry for 2017
As salam..

Ohayo Gozaimas !

Good Morning !

Saba'al khair everyone...

Ya ya ya after so long I'm writing again even I don't know I still have the followers lg ke x..:)

Well so many things happen after my late brother, Izzat pass away.

One of it is, I accept the offer to work as Health and Medical Advisor at RAPID Project Pengerang.

So in this post I will intro about my new job.

Started on 1 October 2015, I work as the Health Advisor. Never thought I will go to this level of position.

Yeah looking at the job tittle already knew the JD will be tough and of course working at project site

is so challenging and adventurous. But I take it as a challenge

So till then, adios amigos.. :)

Below are some of the Medical Facility in Refinery Cracker at RAPID Project. Under RC I had 6 first

aid station, 6 simple medical facility, 12 doctors, 37 medical personnel, 8 ambulance drivers and total of 13 ambulances.

And guess what all of them are under my care & supervision. :)


Miss Wai aka Wahidah

Thursday, April 23, 2015

I'm back

Salam ukhwah guys..
Fuhh penuh sawang..
After 1 year plus akhirnya baru update new entry..

So what happen after a year ye?
Well i'm working as onshore medic..
Nak masuk second year dah pun..
Join International SOS since 7/1/2014

Means i'm not a nurse anymore..
Really a new field to me..
But i enjoy my work now..
Currently working at PMC Ramunia site..
This is the 3rd site yg sya kje..

What else yea..
Yeah sya dh ade nephew..
Muhammad Izzat Rayyan..
Next entry sya cite yea..

Friday, December 13, 2013

Jobs Hunter

Salam ukhwah guyss...
Hai everyone..

Well i'm officially jobless..
But not really la sbb la ni dh jd ala2 " Misiku Wai"
as a part time home nurse..

Well sumthing yg sgt2 la different..
Kat ER 12 jam too many patients that i met...
But as home nurse only one patient for 8 hours..
Kalo patient fussy gile masak la jwbnya..

Oh ya la ni resume sentiasa di update..
Email kena selalu check...
Terasa mcm newly grad pulak..
So far ade 2 3 interview yg dh attend..
Hopefully adelah rezeki nanti..

Ke kalo xde nk jd expatriate blk??
Oh no no no no..
Takmo pk mcm tu kay...

Well for the timing tak la..
But later on x taula kan..
Waallahu 'alam..

My New OOtd..I love skirt so much..:))

p/s : Tuan tanah rindu winter kt Riyadh....Tapi lg pening bile pk pesal brg2 yg masih tinggal dkt Riyadh..Aish..

Rabbi yassir walatuassir
Rabbi tammom bilkhair


Monday, November 11, 2013

Mati Itu Pasti

Salam guys..

Lama kan sya x update blog...
Byk benda nk share cuma sya xtau nk mula dr mana..
N sya sgt2 lah bz..

Too many things happen dlm 2 bulan ni..
Serious guys kalo lah sya x kuat mungkin korang leh lawat sya kt tg rambutan kot skrng ni..

Nauzubillahi min zalik la kan..

But sya pegang satu je..
Allah takkn pernah uji sya lebih dr kemampuan sya...

So sya bersyukur sgt dgn dugaan2 yg Allah bg ni..
Hopefully sya akan lebih tenang n rasional dlm membuat segala keputusan..

Rabbi yassir walatuassir

Rabbi atma bilkhair


Hasbunallahu wanikmal wakil

Dlm tempoh 2 thn sya kehilangan atok..kehilangan tok aki..kehilangan 2 org sepupu and kehilangan adik yg plg sya sayangi..n br2 ni sya kehilangan makcik n abg dua pupu...Alfatihah buat semua mereka..Moga mereka tenang di sana...