Tuesday, July 25, 2017

2nd Admission in a month

Salam & good evening guys.

Just a quick update. Currently, I admitted at Tropicana Medical Centre due to AEBA ( Asthma )
Alhamdulillah the physician here is way better and I really satisfied with their management. The nursing care also in a top level

I was admitted at Gleneagles Ampang for 7 days and they refer me to 6 consultant and none of them detect that I have a lung infection that also might be due to an allergic reaction that I got from Contrast. ( I did Ct Abdomen with contrast )

And guess what they charged my Insurance Company for 21k. Fuhhh tarik nafas panjang la kan...

I just did my Bronchoscopy and OGDS today. Alhamdulillah the result is not bad. Nothing that can threaten my life.

InsyaAllah within 1 - 2 days I will discharge. I had so many plans, hopefully, Allah will ease all my plan.

Till then, Assalamulaikum


Miss Wai aka Wahidah


mamapp said...

Ngerinya bronchoscopy .. syafakillah ye awak

Wahidah said...

@mamapp : tula nmpak ngeri..tp alhamdulillah la went well

Yanieyusuf.com said...

Moga dberi kesembuhan.. nyilu pulak tgk..


Wahidah said...