Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy birthday Ayah

Sana Helwa Ya Gameel
Sana Helwa Ya Gameel
Sana Helwa Ayah..
Sana Helwa Ya Gameel..
Happy birthday Ayah..
Tq 4 being such a lovely father.
U're the best father i had..
May Allah grant all ur wish..
We ♥ u Ayah..
Ibu n ayah..:)
Ramai yg berminat dgn lilin nie..jauh import nie...huhuhu


Faisal Admar said...

I bet you're missing your dad so much. Right now. Right where you are now.

Distance can create a stronger bond than it was before.

Happy birthday to your dad, and may God bless him.

Wahidah said...

faisal : absolutely right...yeah n syukur sgt wai ade kt kg skrng...n definitely i will miss him when i back to riyadh...