Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Saudi's National Day

Hye guys..
I'm counting days already..
28 days to go..
Then,I'm back to my beloved country Malaysia..

Back to the topic..
Yesterday was the National Day in Saudi..
No celebration but the government give 2 days Public Holiday..

Nak jadi kan cerita..
Sya kuar mlm semalam..
N the traffic was like hell..
N guess what..
The teenagers driving like crazy in the road..
With louder music and they even dance in the street..

Unfortunately tk sempat nak snap any pics..
As u know taking photos in public are not allowed in Saudi...

Last but not least..
I can't wait to be back..
Soon Wahidah soon..


Witty Angel said...

eh serius?xleh amkk gambar ke kat public?huhu..xde paparazi la kan?hehehe

Iznie said...

alaaa...bru nak tgk gamba camne diorang celebrte...

Wahidah said...

Witty Angel : aah la aina..tk leh amik gmbr kt public..bole kena tahan polis..:( tk best langsung..hehehe

Wahidah said...

Iznie : mmg nk amik hari tu..tp tk bole la pulak..tp juz imagine la kan..org ramai2 nari atas jalan..so funny...