Tuesday, March 18, 2008

car again

hm..this lately i'm quiet bz with my car,'Charm'..

dunno why can't start the car..maybe he knows his owner can't drive him..

merajuk kot...but probably i have to change the battery..

maybe..btol la org kata gurls know nothing bout maintanance..

like me i know nothing..drive tahu la..check minyak hitam,check air cukup ke tak..

Charm wat hal ni br la tahu kena check air bateri..cukup ke tak..hahaha..

today i'm gonna buy a new battery for Charm...

hope Charm tk meragam lg coz tuan die ni x tahu sgt pesal kete..:)


Azwa said...

nice car.. chomel :)

erika said...

tq azwa..